Pablo de Larrañaga Aramoni

Hello! I’m Pablo de Larrañaga Aramoni, a Mexican Experience Designer based in Los Angeles. I recently graduated from CalArts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experience Design and Production, and a minor in Digital Arts. My passion lies in inspiring and empowering through transformative encounters, immersing audiences in contexts that foster meaningful interactions, reflections, and conversations. My aim is to bring humans together, allowing us to collectively explore and embrace the truths that we all share.

Motivated by a fervent pursuit of knowledge and the challenges and innovations of our times, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of experiential design. My work is influenced by a desire to engage with the world's pressing questions through creative interventions. I craft time and space where profound connections can be formed, both within and with the world around us.

My journey has been rich and diverse, leading me through an array of projects encompassing themed entertainment, live events, game experiences, cultural explorations, immersive theater, production design, digital art, graphic design, and more. Each project has not only broadened my skillset but also deepened my understanding of the vast possibilities within experiential design.

At the core, I build worlds that allow and encourage new forms of play, exploration, and interaction, transforming our shared history one experience at a time.

As you navigate through my site, you'll find a collection of my work, thoughts, and explorations. I am always eager to connect with fellow creators, thinkers, and anyone who shares a curiosity for the transformative potential of experiences. Whether you're here for collaboration, inspiration, or just to explore, I hope my work resonates with you and sparks a conversation.