Alphabet City

A gestural model that reimagines our relationship with the city  to increase access to arts and culture.

Concept Design

 Model maker • Designer

This gestural model is the result of a 6-week-long exploration of 2D graphics, typography, negative space, and ideas about the workings of the city street. Personal and collective ideas about the way we interact with the places we inhabit led me to imagine a new type of Festival Center designed to support innovative, community-focused events and social projects to make arts and culture more accessible.

This model was built using a cutting machine to cut 32 black triangles, 32 transparent triangles, 22 white triangles, 15 black translucent triangles, 15 white translucent triangles, and 6 reflective triangles (122 triangles in total). Each triangle is unique and placed in the corresponding order they make up this Festival Center.