Experiential Art Installations

Experience Design Course by Jesse Lee Stout  - Spring 2022 and Winter Session 2024

This intensive course focused on the rapid conceptualization and creation of experiential art installations. Throughout the course, we engaged in a dynamic process of iterating multiple versions of each art installation within a span of a few hours, fostering an experimental and hands-on approach. Each session culminated in a collective critique, allowing us to experience and analyze one another's creations in-depth.

Prompt: Living Music Video

Let’s rethink a music video. How can we create an experience without the performer? The experience must be an appropriate fit for the song. Consider the mood of the music, the rhythm, the lyrics, or the artist’s previous branding.
Collaborators: Ilse Castro, Bonnie Kim and Shannon Siegel.

Prompt: Power in numbers

Create a “moment” using multiples of a lo-fi technology to create an overwhelming experience. The experience must be kinetic; moving physically or moving light.Collaborators: Jae Lee, Sajen Green, and  Hazel He