Silent Pleasure

Exploration of duality in the search for self identity shapes the environments in this film about shared experiences

Dance Film

Production Designer

This short film utilizes dance to present the internal struggles that two different characters go through during their search for belonging.  The story places each character in surreal spaces that allude to the duality of the interior and exterior, light and darkness, the known and the unknown.

Fernanda Jurado • Che Chen

Art Director
Victoria Solorio

M Avery • Gary Cook • Annika Moseng • Maiko Okajiam • Eden Algoso • Gale Yavorski • Manya Aggarwal • Isabel Papal

Angelique Gross • Jocelyn Zhao • Gabriela Gonzalez • Carla Bobrowicz • Ale Sánchez • Lara Kurdoglu • Arden DiManno • Max Yelgeldina • Karen Ayala • Arson Kim • Briana Newson • Mackenzie Rose • Juliana Webster • Josie Anders • Jonathan Jin