The following are preliminary renderings for the scenic design of a stage adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's "The Overcoat." This contemporary adaptation, inspired by constructivist, dadaist, and other avant-garde art movements, captures the essence of the story by intertwining the bleak, oppressive atmosphere of a cold  city and a bureaucratic office with the vibrant, transformative world that the overcoat represents to the protagonist. The design employs stark contrasts, juxtaposing the drab, monochromatic tones of Akaky's daily life against a dynamic and modular set that symbolizes the overcoat's brief but profound impact on his existence.

This scenic landscape is a physical manifestation of the story's core themes: the crushing weight of societal neglect, the fleeting nature of material satisfaction, and the ghostly repercussions of unfulfilled desires. Through innovative use of space, the set transitions seamlessly between the claustrophobic confines of Akaky's office and the boundless realms of his aspirations and eventual downfall. This invites the audience into a visual journey that echoes the clerk's emotional and existential odyssey. With movement and dance integrated into this visually compelling environment, the design promises to offer a unique, immersive experience that underscores the narrative's exploration of ambition, loss, and the human condition, setting the stage for a memorable premiere in April this year.
Tina Kronis

Lighting Designer
Emma McManus

Asst. Scenic Designer
Holly Webb

Asst. Scenic Designer
Alix Newman

Sound Designer
Ying Xin

Costume Designer
Bailey Johnson

Asst. Lighting Designer
Ella Fornorf

Asst. Costume Designer
Starlyn Meyer

Elizabeth Price

Production Manager
Bill Ballou

Assoc. Production Manager
Winky Kim