The Lemming Effect

A psychological drama about the pursuit of one's true self in a world that values conformity over emotion.


Scenic Designer • Concept Designer


'The Lemming Effect' dives deep into the psyche of Lexa, who struggles to find fulfillment in a life that has gradually become monotonous and devoid of meaning. Within the confines of Lexa's mind, four distinct identities compete for dominance, each a manifestation of Lexa's suppressed desires, fears, and dreams. The narrative unfolds to reveal the severe repercussions of suppressing emotions beyond one's capacity.

How do the silent battles waged within the confines of our minds influence our destiny? 'The Lemming Effect' delves into these fundamental questions, encouraging a collective exploration into the depths of our consciousness.
This play not only portrays Lexa's quest for a purposeful life but also acts as a mirror, reflecting our collective struggle for emotional and spiritual completeness. It boldly invites audiences on a journey of self-examination, challenging them to address the complexity of their identities. It fosters insightful contemplation about the intricate balance between living authentically and pursuing a life of true significance.

The scenic design leverages the unique architecture of the theater to immerse the audience directly within the recesses of Lexa's mind. Mirrors and reflective materials are thoughtfully placed to echo the theme of introspection and self-examination that runs like a thread through the narrative. These reflective surfaces do more than just visually enhance the space; they serve as conduits for introspection, warping and intensifying the stage action and lighting.

The Lemming Effect made its way to the Hollywood Fringe Festival earning the Encore! Producer’s Award.

Director and Playwright
Grant Garcia

Assistant Scenic Designer
Hong Ju Lee

Shireen Heidari • Steele Howell • Kelli English • Venice Mountain Zona • Olivia Ross • Sawyer Shine

Design and Production Team
Karen Ayala • Mia Condon • Oliver Gifford • Clara King • Becky King • Jordyn Ryan • Skylar Shen